About us


United Christian Hospital (UCH) was founded in 1947 during the India partition to take care of thousands of injured migrants. Forman Christian College took initiatives to convert its two hostels into a hospital which was turned into a hospital where Christian professors and other staff members along with their families day and night took care of the injured.” The hospital owes its name to the united effort of the Anglican Communion, United Methodist Church, Church of Scotland Mission, West Pakistan Christian Council, United Presbyterian Mission in North America, and Christian Reformed Church to serve Pakistanis irrespective of caste, color or creed. Soon, the hospital started the School of Nursing Nurses’ Training School at the hospital and it was also become a model institution of its kind at that time. The first open-heart surgery in Pakistan was performed by Dr. Don Bomes in the UCH in 1965 and in “1969, the first successful replacement of heart valves took place in the hospital.” UCH is consisted on 115 Kanal Lands and 216 beds hospital and currently have been serving in Emergency, OBs/Gyane, Orthopedic, Eye, Dental, and Dialysis Departments. 24 Emergency OPD and Indoor, Diagnostic and Pharmacy services are available at UCH.


UCH registered under the Society Act 1860 with Joint Stock of Companies and operating under Board of Directors of United Christian Hospital. Board is comprises on the major churches of Pakistan. The board select it Executive Committee which is responsible to make it policies and monitor the smooth running of the hospital.